Collection: Ski Goggles: Premium & Affordable!?

Our ski goggles are our cornerstone here at Alpine Sheep. We were tired of seeing people buying goggles for hundreds of dollars just to enjoy snow sports. Unfortunately, cheaper options led to all sorts of issues—trust us, we’ve been there. Foggy goggles, goggles that don’t let you see well in low light, or even dangerous-to-use goggles that don’t protect your eyes enough from UV rays. When you’re out on those slopes, the light reflection can be killer, so you need quality ski goggles to protect your eyes on your way down. Our goggles are made with an interchangeable magnet system to switch between high and low light setting lenses so that no matter what time you’re enjoying the slopes, you can see clearly. Combine this with our flexible frame, anti-fog lenses, and comfort padding, and you’ve got yourself a premium-level goggle set at an average and affordable price point.