About Us: "The Shepard Brothers"

Born and raised in the mountains, we are two brothers that decided that our love for winter mountain sports shouldn't stop at just practicing them. Winter over winter, we started to think of what features and products would help us achieve our best, and so we started working on developing them. Our mission is to offer affordable premium products for those who want to experience, challenge and succeed at any mountain sport

To achieve this mission, your feedback is our secret ingredient. We want to have the best possible products out there, and that's why we don't have dozens of products, or as you probably noticed, we rely more in referrals instead of spending a bunch in marketing: Our focus is quality, so that you can take the best out of your time in the slopes. We already achieved that type of ski goggles that we love to use, but we want to make sure you enjoy them as we do: To keep improving and launching new products, your feedback is everything for us; please reach out in the chat! We are happy to discuss and share our passion for winter sports.